Klaus McGhie, Mitech’s Managing Director.

“I have more than 18 years of experience as an engineer and a thorough appreciation of just what it takes to keep vital equipment functioning perfectly in our challenging environment.”

“It’s my aim to ensure that the people and businesses of Mt Isa can find the perfect solution right here when they need to Put Air and Water to Work.”

“It’s also my commitment that we service what we sell. When that equipment needs preventative maintenance, or upgrading or repair we pride ourselves on the prompt attention that our spares and service facilities enable us to provide.”

“I also enjoy the challenges that our industrial customers bring us from time to time, when they have a specific problem that needs a customised solution. It’s then that the engineering expertise that we’ve acquired over the years really kicks in, and we’ve never failed to come up with a solution yet.”

“We welcome every enquiry when it comes to Putting Air and Water to Work.””